Monday, July 5, 2010

Perfect Weekend....Almost

It has been a near perfect weekend at the pchak house. The only dark spot was finding out the news that an old friend of Bill's passed away suddenly in her sleep at age 53.

For the last 2 years we dialed back our 4th of July festivities considerably. With two babies, a new house with lots of construction, and just being plan tired all the time, I couldn't think about having 80 people over for a cook-out. This year we decided to ramp things up and get back in the swing since we have a lovely new deck. Next year when level 2 of the deck is complete, I think we'll be back to warp speed for the festivites, so put it on your calendar now: July 3, 2011.

As always when hosting a large party, I feel like I never get to spend quality time with people. I'm either checking to make sure the kids are OK, setting up food stuff, or passing out jello shots (an 11 year old tradition.) I always hope everyone is having fun.

The 4th is the only time I miss our Euclid house since we could just move the party to the front yard for fireworks viewing. We can't do that at our house now, but we do have the lake, which offers awesome sunsets almost every night in the summer. I'll take that over fireworks any day. (Euclid also cancelled their fireworks display this year, so I didn't even spend 1 minute missing our old house this year.)

Great food & drink, wonderful friends to share it with, a beautiful sunset, lots of friends for the twinadoes to play with, and the memories of those that are no longer with us.

We are blessed.

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