Friday, February 25, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

As a parent, you do things for your kids that you never imagined yourself doing.

cue < Crazy Train>

It was an interesting event to photograph and the freestyle stuff at the end was fun, but the rest of the show was an entire commercial for monster truck jam merch with a bit of WWF action thrown in for good measure. The 4-wheeler racers, some from CLE and some from Pittsburgh, got into a "fight" after their race. Helmets were thrown, dirt was kicked up, and gums were flappin'. Exactly what we want to be teaching our children about good sportsmanship, right?!

I guess all that mattered is the kids had a good time and the only crap we came home with was a program and 2 jolly roger flags with Grave Digger Racing (in very small letters). I can handle that, as opposed to the foam Grave Digger hat filled with cotton candy that was going for $15.

Next year, (if there is a next year for us) I think I'll sit it out and have it be a twinado/Daddy/Uncle John/Sam event. Once was plenty for me.

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