Monday, March 28, 2011

Long Time, No Post

Wow. It's been a month.

February was full of editing. I did a job for Kirtland Elementary School's Princess Prom that was 200+ portraits of father/daughters and then a bunch of candids. I also did a marathon session with Baby Amelia, a cousin.....of sorts. Not sure how I left the session without packing her in the props bin. What a doll.

I also have started < drum roll please > working out. And enjoying it.  I am not allowed to swim the "normal" way yet (another 3 months probs) and haven't given the kickboard method a try, but the heavens have opened and somewhere I found a piece of the mojo I had before the twinadoes came along.

Actually, Deb joined the Y and basically said I'd better get there with her or else! I like having a work-out buddy as it makes the 40 minutes on the treadmill go pretty fast. We've had a few good laughs too. Like the other day when I nearly strangled myself to get my headphones plugged in to hear an access hollywood interview with Simon LeBon and John Taylor of Duran Duran. Guess Deb now knows how far my Duran love really does run.

So it's been about 6 weeks of 3x/week working out. 2+ miles on the treadmill (40 minutes), 2 miles on the bike, and a few minutes on the arm bike to help my shoulder in the recovery process. Here's the kicker. The first 3 weeks I got on the scale once a week and hadn't lost ONE FREAKIN' POUND. I stopped getting on the scale because it was driving me insane. I know that I am moving 12 miles more per week than I had been. I have more energy. It feels good to sweat. It has to be having a positive effect somewhere.

In another "heavens open" moment, we (Bill and I, yes Bill AND I) have gone out TOGETHER the last 3 Saturdays and have another one coming up this weekend. Mark your calendars, friends. This hasn't happen since April 2007. We hit up a friends and fam night at Harvest restaurant, Michael Longo's awesome new place in Solon, a birthday party, a co-ed baby shower (at Buckeye Beer Engine--genius), and coming up this Saturday we will be attending, what Deb has dubbed, "The Coranation of Bob." Our Bobabooey is being crowned, "Exhaulted Ruler" (no joke) at the Elks Lodge. Big props to my Mom, Jen, and Taylor who have allowed this to happen.

So, I looked back at the pictures for March and this is what we have done:

2 Dr. Seuss' Birthday celebrations

I photographed Orchid Mania at the Botanical Garden had lunch at Mama Santas

Went to a "Meet the Opposum" program at the Wildlife Center/Pen Glen

Uncle Bob came into town and he was the kids "special guest" at story time

It snowed. A lot. Two Fridays during the month were a complete mess.

Nolan's yearly follow-up with Dr. Papay. All is good. Better than good, actually.

Twinadoes earned a trip to Chuck E. Cheese by filling up their marble jars.

St. Patrick's Day Parade, enjoyed from the 8th floor balcony of the Embassy Suites.

Cousin Jim's Art Show at Pen Glen

1st trip to the zoo of the year, with a stop at Happy Dog on the way home.

There's still 7 more days left, too!

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