Monday, April 18, 2011

Hoppin Our Way Towards Easter

I have been lax in blogging, so thanks Ash for the email to get me back on track!

Here's what we've been up to:

Nolan likes the bunny this year!!!!! We went to the mall last week and he was cuddlin' up to the bunny telling him that he wanted a forklift and a Grave Digger monster truck. They also got to ride the track-less train with Grammy.

We also visited Peter Rabbit's Egg Factory (a program put on by Lake Metroparks). There are lots of games, a chance to visit the Easter Bunny, an egg hunt, and a really cool egg factory where you get an egg to start and you wash it, color it, dry it, weigh it, and send it through the pipes to see if you are a "good egg." It's a really cute set-up and a lot of work, especially when the egg hunt has to be inside due to rain & wind. It was fun to see so many of our Moms of Multiples friends, too.

The bunny giving Reagan's egg an x-ray.

 Oh, I hope it comes down this chute!
 Indoor egg hunt.
 decorating cookies.

They gave the bunny a great big squeeze and it looked like Nolan was going to take a bite out of him!

Then it was on to an ice skating birthday party for their friend, Cora. The twinadoes have never been ice skating and where very excited to give it a try. Nolan took to it like a duck takes to water. Reagan; not so much. She did finally give it a try about 30 minutes before the end of the party with a little bribery from cousin Taylor. To all of our surprises, she liked it! I hope she learned the lesson about not giving up and giving new things a try. She did great!

Miss Jen giving Nolan a little help for his first time on the ice. It was cousin Taylors first time, too!
 Nolan and his new "best friend" Michael.
 Reagan giving it a try!

The kids also figured out how to get their bikes "stuck" so the back wheel would just spin and spin. Of course, they figured this out right over a big puddle. What they did not figure out was that they should not be behind the bike when the rider starts peddling. Or maybe I am wrong and that was the most fun part!

We took in an "eggstravganza" at the local library. There was lots of singing, stories, and a craft. I had to laugh when we got there.....there is all this space to sit down and this is how they ended up.

I love that they have each other. It makes this only-child so happy to know that (when they want it and even when they don't) they will have a playmate, a friend, a sibling. It was just one of those moments to remind me how grateful I am that things worked the way they did for us.

Bill and I are very lucky parents.

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