Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Big "Ad-Benture"

I made the mistake of telling Reagan we were going on an adventure to an indoor water park, Great Wolf Lodge, a day before we actually left. She is relentless in her pursuit of what is on her mind and this was no exception. It reminded me of a cassette tape my mom has of me packing all my toys to take on a trip to Geagua Lake. I was just as excited and relentless as my little girl. The ride was about 90 minutes and of course the kids fell asleep about 72 minutes into the ride, but as soon as the car stopped, they were up and raring to go! Reagan was so excited and ready to go "'play water" that she almost couldn't stand for the rest of us to get our swimsuits on. Finally it was time to splash, slide, ride the lazy river, and relax in the family friendly hot tub (or bath tub as the kids called it.) We played until dinner time and decided to just eat at the Lodge, you know us....we'd much rather seek out that little independent gem, but we promised the kids they could go back in the water before the 8pm story time in the lobby. Nolan enjoyed dinner.....a little of everyone's actually. As Bill says when we put Nolan's plate down "keep your hands and feet away from his face until he is done." The boy packs it in, yet his pants fall off his skinny little butt. At least he is blessed with a fast metabolism! Reagan needed to get "back to water!" We headed back to the pool where Nolan seemed to go into a food coma. He was full and sleepy, so he cuddled on my shoulder while Reagan splashed around some more. We made it to the lobby for stories and then it was off to bed. Once it was lights out, they were out in 5 minutes...maybe less! Bill and I stayed up to watch Battlestar Galactica. Yes, we are that geeky. One of the many things I love about us! The next morning, Little Miss was raring to go "back in the WATER!!!" It wasn't happening fast enough for her, so she took matters into her own hands and dressed herself. We hung out until lunch time (and nap time for Nolan, poor kid could barely keep his eyes open) and then headed home.
While this was not my top vacation destination, I have to say I had a really fun time. The kids were good and seeing them have a blast was well worth it. We'll be going back soon! more photos:

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Falcon said...

What a super break for the Kids this time of the year. Great shots of the Kids. They sure are growing up fast.