Friday, February 6, 2009

What They Have Been Up To...... Enough of the silliness about our lives it is time for a post about the kids. Let's see what have Reagan and Nolan been up to besides trying to stay warm? Watching a feature from their "theatre"
They are learning shapes, colors, and talking in sentences. Yesterday Reagan said, "I want to watch shapes." (their Baby Einstein DVD about shapes.) They recognize galaxies and molecules, and they are getting imaginative in their play. I hear Nolan mumbling while he "cooks" in his kitchen. Reagan puts her legs on the window sill and hands on the train table and yells, "surfin'" (When I hear that, I put an end to it quickly as I picture the train table sliding out and her smacking her chin. Nolan is so super polite, even when I'm not around to hear it. It makes me so happy to know that. He loves to "wa-hands." He just can't get the -sh in wash! He does not like to be dirty. We were shopping the other day and Nolan was with me (Reagan was with Grammy)and the cashier commented on his clear speech and sentences at his young age. I told her you should hear his sister! The cashier was a retired English teacher that studied language development in toddlers and specifically twins. Interesting conversation. She is convinced they will not develop their own langauge since they have such a grasp on our real langauge at such a young age. I agree. Nolan has mastered the art of manipulation. He has me at "come 'ere" every time. He comes up, puts his arms out and says "COME 'ERE."
How could anyone resist!? I can't and since he'll probably stop this in a week, I pick him up.
EVERY.TIME. Coming soon to a gallery near you.... Valentine crafts. Notice Nolan use of mixed mediums. Crayons, stickers, and sticky sucker juice!
Yes, Reagans bangs are REALLY short. Too short for my taste and this is with two weeks growth!

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