Thursday, July 2, 2009

They Are Not Real There have always been things in my life that I don't want to believe are true. George Michael being gay, for example. There are also things from my childhood that certain people (not to mention any names, but it rhymes with Dill), like to make up stories about. Mean, awful stories that stick in your head and question all you held sacred as a child. Bad things about Bert and Ernie and nasty ideas about Ken & Barbie.
My love affair with the zoo suffered a little setback today. As we were walking through the rainforest a habitat was closed so a gentlemen could paint the trees. That is right folks, they are not real. For my kids sake, I'll still pretend we are deep into the forest, but really my heart won't be in it now that I know the "moss" on the tree is compliments of Sherwin Williams SW6193.
On another "they are not real" note, we visited the dinosaur exhibit. Reagan took one look at the first dinosaur and said, "They are NOT real." She also said she was "a little afraid of them", but then in the car on the way home she said they were her favorite thing.
The Pchaks & The Doerner offspring. Come here often?
All in all it was a fun day with Uncle Sam, Aunt Deb, Bill, and the Doerners. 5 adults, 4 kids meant that I got to play a little with the camera. (Only a little since I left my memory card in my PC and my backup that I keep in the bag doesn't hold that much.)

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Nancy said...

Ok, Ok let's look at this logically. If everything were real in the rain forest, pretty soon it would be overgrown. Ok, intellectually I get it, but... PAINTING THE TREES! Can't they do it at night, and not tell anyone? Shelley, I'm with you. Some things you just don't want to know.