Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week In Review Wow, a week and I haven't updated. Sorry. Here's the scoop. Me. Blood work results came (via mail--yeah, not too happy about that), all normal. They will refer me to a neurologist, if I want and if symptoms continue. They have not, although I'm pretty sure I have a pinched nerve in my left arm/shoulder. For now, I'll watch and see if the symptoms return and then I'll take them up on the referral. Grandpa. The news for him is not so good. His test showed that, even if they could successfully repair the pouch in his esophagus, the muscles in the rest of the throat are so weak from lack of proper use that it wouldn't matter. The decision he and my mom need to make is to either leave the feeding tube in and continue on without eating any food by mouth or have the tube removed and try to eat. The risk is that he will aspirate fluid into his lungs and develop pneumonia again. Also eating is not providing him with any weight gaining nutrition so he will begin to lose weight again. He will be told this news today, so keep him in your thoughts. He knows he will never be strong enough to go home, but still tough to come to terms with. The kids are anxious to get into their new (well, new to them) pool. We just need the weather to cooperate. These are a few shots from last weekend. Reagan being silly Nolan found a "big stick." Playing at the lake with Uncle Sam & Aunt Deb. Girls day out to celebrate Deb's b-day (very belatedly.....hmmm is that a word?) The above punch turns you into Gene Simmons if you drink too much ;-) Fun times. Bill is on vacation as of this afternoon (I'll let you know when I'll be needing one.) We hope to take the kids to the zoo tomorrow and then get ready for our VERY low-key 4th of July party. Gone are the days of invite-everyone-you-know bashes and drink-until-you-pass-out-on-the-front-lawn-and-get-rolled-up-in-an-oriental-rug-parties. Maybe next year, but for this year it will be a small dinner party with some smoked meat, sides brought by our friends, and perhaps a wheel or two of jello shots. Happy Independence Day!!!!!!

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