Friday, July 24, 2009

Time Flies
So much for my promise to post once a week, huh? There are several posts I've written, but not published. They are deep thought kind of posts and I'm not sure they will ever see the light of day, but I just had some stuff I needed to get off my mind.
I started to keep notes (on a napkin) this week of things I want to remember and pass along to R & N when they are older. Here they are:
This week I found myself saying things I never thought I'd say. Like, "Nolan, do not put Bert's (as in Bert & Ernie) hair in the fan!"
I'm noticing some huge developmental milestones for twinadoes. They are playing so well together for the most part. They are still siblings and Reagan is still very much in charge, but their giggles when they are playing happily just melt my heart. It literally brings me to tears. It is just the sweetest sound.
Nolan fell in the upstairs hallway this week, nothing serious. He told me he "needed to go to the hospital." When I told him I didn't think he needed to do that, he replied, "I need to go to the nursing home!"
We had some storms this week and neither kid has ever paid much attention to it, but Reagan has begun developing some fears so I was thinking she might not like the thunder. I was correct. Bill was playing with them and I was in the shower when the storm hit. I came downstairs and Reagan looked up at me sheepishly and said, "I'm scared to it." I asked her what she was afraid of and she answered, "I'm scared to the thunder." She is also "scared to" sharks and snakes. So much so that I had to remove a picture of a shark from her animal photo album I put together.
Nolan has become a power eater. When he is hungry, look out. The other day for breakfast I put his plate down which had 2 scrambled eggs, toast, apple pieces and some cheerios. He said, "Mmmm, egg dinner. Thank you Mommy!" (Every meal is dinner to Nolan.)
Grammy started this thing with Reagan and Nolan where she would hold their hands and dance to "I Got You Babe." They started holding each others hands and doing it, but Nolan tripped once and fell. He thought it was hysterical, so now that is the game. A couple of sways and then he flops down. Reagan helps him up and they start over. My mom called them "topsy turvy" which Reagan can't remember so she calls it "Tiki Toki."
Friday morning Reagan and I were doing flashcards and she called the skunk a "stunk." So true!
We were at the park and Nolan made friends with a little girl who was pushing her baby doll in a stroller. As she was walking she fell. Nolan didn't want her to feel bad, so he fell down next to her and told her it ok. They got up together and pushed the baby stroller down the sidewalk together. I say it everyday, but he is SUCH a sweet soul. He often needs to "cuddle Mommy" or "cuddle Daddy" and when you pick him up, he pats you on the arm and makes little moaning noises like a puppy or says, "awwww.: More heart melting.
In an effort to get them to share in more of the toy clean-up duties, I have introduced an imaginary fairy named Esmeralda. She pays a visit and brings a big bag to collect any toys that are left out when it is nap/bed time and then gives them to other children. IT WORKS. They are both picking up their toys, with reminders about Essie paying a visit. Essie also lurks around watching for good/bad behavior. If they do something we really want them to do, I've decided that she will leave them a toy at night instead of taking it away. Kind of a good way to reinforce good behavior. For example, if they go running with Daddy and don't give him any trouble about getting into the stroller when it is time to leave the park CONSISTENTLY then she will leave them something. Essie and I shopped the bargain aisle at Marc's today to stock up on "stuff." Not hard to do as Nolan is starting to get into Hotwheels/Matchbox and Reagan loves Little People. All cheap and easy "bribes." Yes, I will call a spade a spade, it is a bribe.
OK-I've crossed everything off my napkin for the week and I'll close with a promise to get back here more often.

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