Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Busy & Snowy Day

Most days, we are busy. Today we were B-U-S-Y and we didn't have time for the weather to stop us, despite its best efforts.

(one of my new favorite pics)

We started the day at the schoolhouse for some fun learning about shadows. The kids really enjoyed this class because they got to play with flashlights.

After stories we stopped at Daddy's work so the kids could say "Gung Hay Fat Choy" to one of Bill's co-workers. Ever since a visit to San Francisco during Chinese New Year, I enjoy celebrating it and remembering the good times I had exploring Chinatown on my own many years ago, so I've passed on the love to the kids.

We made our way home, very slowly, as the snow increased and the road conditions worsened for an (indoor) picnic lunch and a quick nap.

Next stop was the Cleveland Clinic for Nolan's yearly check with his cranio-facial surgeon. It seems the pattern for these appointments is driving to them in a snowstorm, so today was no different.

Nolan has been practicing his Polish, so he could say "Jak si´ masz?" (How's it going?) to Dr. Papay. He was impressed and answered appropriately with a big "Dobrze!" He said Nolan's head will be fine enough for him to play football (the real question is will Mommy's head be ready for that someday!?)

To celebrate another great appointment, we headed downtown to The Greenhouse Tavern to celebrate. Ironically, the only other occupied table in the place (only because of bad weather, the food rocks!) was someone we know from the local food and wine forum. She wasn't sure it was us because she didn't believe that those were "the babies!" Me either. Me either.

Nolan chowing on the bread service.
Reagan and her "petit three." Thus named because her "petit four" had three dots on it. Clever girl.

After lots of pomme frites & petits three (and salted caramel ice cream!) we headed home for an early date with Mr. Sandman.

Well, make that three of the Pchaks.

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