Friday, February 26, 2010

The Snowy Day

It's a winter wonderland out there, so our plans to go to free playtime at Playground World (which is further into the snowbelt) were cancelled. Luckily, I didn't mention it to the kids so they didn't have a clue.

Since it's a trapped-in-the-house kind of day, we made the best of it.

We made "snow ice cream." Thanks Lori, for that idea!!! It was a fun "cooking" activity for the kids and it was tasty too.

Today's secret ingredient is.......SNOW! Allez cuisine!

Move over, Iron Chef Symon. My boy has a smile just as infectious as yours!

Next up was finger painting. Always a favorite, but very messy, activity. Luckily the paint washes off super easy.
Nolan takes his work VERY seriously.
Reagan is more of a free spirit.

While the kids were doing that, Grammy called and sounded very frazzled. She spun out on the freeway and was slippin' and slidin' all over the road and almost ended up in an embankment. Luckily, she had a guardian angel and ended up stopping just short of it, pointed in the right direction. Be safe out there, kids!

Just before naptime the kids decided to empty out two of their toy bins and set them in front of the TV and played "bubble tub." For those not in the know, that is the what the kids call the hot tub at Kalahari.

Nolan and his sister, Winky.

I think tonight will be movies night. Not sure what we'll watch, but I'll find something in my goodie bag in the attic!

I'm like the post office, neither rain, nor sleet, nor slow stops me from doing my Mommy job!

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