Wednesday, February 3, 2010

History Mu-zee-M

We put one of our Christmas gifts to good use and visited the History Museum again this week at the kids request.

If you are struggling for a gift for someone, think about a membership to something they enjoy. It is a great gift. We have the zoo, history museum, and botanical gardens-thanks again, Grammy, Grandpa Fred & Nonny Linda, & Uncle John and Aunt Jan. I'm thinking of getting a Farmpark one in the spring too.

Just to prove that toddlers change their mind like the wind, Reagan loved the dinosaur room this time.
See, I do exist and I've decided that I would have been a great paleontologist due to my attention to detail.

It was a nice family couple of hours after Bill being out of town for 5 days and we virtually had the place to ourselves, except for a middle school (maybe early high school) class. (Did we really act like that in public when we were kids? Some of the kids were sitting in the exhibits or jumping on each others back and running around while the "teacher" walked around self-absorbed.) Just another "you know you are getting old moment" for me!

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