Sunday, May 2, 2010

News Herald Blog

The blog I will be writing for the News-Herald, Twinado Warning: Sunshine, storms, and chasing rainbows while raising our twins; Reagan and Nolan,
is up and running. You may find it on this page as well as some other interesting blogs. Please subscribe to the RSS feed and become a follower as the News-Herald tracks all that stuff.

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My plan is to keep this blog as I have been because it is a good record for Reagan and Nolan and I feel comfortable sharing more here. The News-Herald blog may (will) have some posts that are the same as here, but those posts are meant to spur discussion so the posts will pose questions, etc.

I invite you to participate in the Twinado Warning blog, as well as still checking in here since the content will differ at times and more photos will be posted here. Please comment on the News-Herald blog, as with anything participate will determine the success of the blog and may lead to other opportunites. (In other words, I'm counting on you my friends and family to help me out!)

I'll eventually be able to sell advertising and do give-a-ways so if you have anything you want to donate, please let me know!

Happy reading!

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