Monday, June 6, 2011

Here Come The Butterflies

For Easter, Reagan got the butterfly habitat she was so desperately wanting.

About 2 weeks ago, the larva arrived and they set up house. It was amazing how quickly they grew and then after about a week, they climbed to the top of the jar they had come in and turned into chrysalids.

They have just been hanging around on the side of the habitat for another week and yesterday I noticed one was breaking through. It is an interesting process to watch. I remember doing this in first grade as our final project for the year. However, I do not remember there being blood when the butterfly emerges.

This morning I noticed another butterfly trying to break free. We took a break from our morning chores (emptying the dishwasher for me; watching Curious George for the twinadoes) to watch.

Yesterdays butterfly started crawling up the side of the habitat and we watched the other one flap its wing trying to break free. Amazing.

I know you are surprised, but I had my camera. Nolan went to get his, of course, it was nowhere to be found. (Nolan has trouble putting this back where they belong. Sure, he picks up his mess, but who knows where it goes.)

Reagan found hers and starting taking pictures and asking me if she "had the right angle". Meanwhile, Nolan starts this radio announcer type voice, saying, "folks, we are watching it as it happens!"

Just another morning at our house.

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Kelly said...

If my memory serves me, the red fluid isn't actually blood, but their waste. Ew!