Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today was the first time the hemotologist mentioned the word "stable" in regards to Nolan. "Holding his own" was another one.

His count was 339,000; a slight rise from last week. He is 6 weeks post WINRHO treatment. By now there would most likely be a drop-off. The medication is out of his system and his body is doing what it needs to do. With that said, ITP is its own beast and that could change tomorrow, but we are hopeful Nolan is not going to be "chronic ITP" and this was a one time ordeal.

We are hopeful he is in that 80% this time.

Keep those platelets going, buddy. "To infinity and beyond!"

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Ash said...

I am so happy! Fingers crossed that things just keep getting better.
ps- I LOVE when kids where costumes on "normal" days. I haven't got Carter out of his Buzz or Woody costume since October. :)