Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Safety Dance

One of my favorite childhood memories was going to Safety Town. It was an actual town built in a fenced in area of the elementary school playground. I remember feeling so important because the mayor (Morris Becker, if you grew up in Eastlake) came and gave us our certificates.

The twinadoes did Mentor's Safety Town recently. Sadly, our fair city no longer has programs like this due to poor money decisions in the 1990's.

They seem to have enjoyed themselves and were excited to go every morning. There were no tears or prolonged goodbye's, just a quick kiss and off they went. I guess I should be happy they are so well-adjusted, huh?

On Day One, they were sitting in the classroom while the teacher explained some things to the parents. I looked over at my boy and this was his look. Total boredom. I suppose this will be his standard look all through school.  He wanted out of that classroom and on the town to ride the big wheels we had seen when walking in.

Day 1: Traffic Safety/Water Safety

Day 2: Fire Safety/Poison
Day 3: Police/Bike Safety

Day 4: Bus Safety/Stranger Danger

Day 5: Graduation

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