Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rockin' A Rebate Deal I like sales. I like coupons. I like rebates. I hit the trifecta at Toys R Us today. A sale, a coupon, and a rebate allowed me to walk away with 7 Hasbro board games for the whopping total of $3.68!! Candyland Chutes & Ladders Memory Don't Spill The Beans Don't Break The Ice Cootie Hi Ho Cherry-O All on sale for $3.99 each Original total: $29.68 -$2.00 instant coupon on Hi Ho Cherry-O Total:$27.68 -$2.00 Hasbro mail-in rebate on EACH game Total: $13.68 BONUS: -$10 Toys R Us gift card(valid on next purchase) because I made a $25 Hasbro game purchase Total: $3.68 Funny part is I figured this deal out on my own and didn't even know about the bonus gift card until I got to the register. I was going to be happy paying $1.99 for each of these games! Usually I read the coupon blogs to find such deals, but didn't have time this morning. That pretty much completes my kids BIRTHDAY shopping for next May with a few Christmas gifts for friends thrown in as well. Ah, its the little things in life that excite me these days! LOL

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Jaime's World said...

that is CRAZY! Can you do MY Christmas shopping for me? I'll make you a list! :)

Sounds like you had an awesome day, Jaime did, too, all things considered!

Happy shopping...I'll get my list to you ASAP!