Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What They Have Been Saying I have a new system for recording the things Reagan and Nolan say that I want to record to embarrass them later for posterity. I have a dedicated notebook now and If I'm out and about, I call home and leave myself messages to record in that notebook. So far, so good. No more pieces of napkins floating around my purse or backpack! We finally replaced our old over-sized chair. We settled on a love seat, however the kids have come up with their own name for it. "I'm climbing on the love chair."-Nolan Reagan has become a bit of a picky eater. One day she likes X and the next time I serve it, she refuses to eat it. Spaghetti is one of those foods. Sometimes it is flying into her mouth and other times it makes its way onto Nolan's plate. However, she will consistently eat "Grandma" Rose's" (my mom's friend and surgery buddy) spaghetti. "Grandma Rose made it & I love it!" On Halloween morning, "The great big pumpkin left me a present!" -Reagan Lots of the kids conversations when they wake up revolve around Kalahari waterpark. Reagan: "Do you want to go in the lazy river, Nolan?" Nolan: "Kalahari is closed." Reagan: "No it's not!" Nolan "Yes, it is." etc, etc, etc. Nolan has developed a voracious appetite, especially where eggs are concerned. He can put down three scrambled with no problem. The other day, when I put a breakfast of eggs, banana, and Cheerios down in front of him, he said, "Wow. Look at all this stuff. It's gonna make me strong!" Reagan was not wanting to leave the park one day and I pulled the mother trump card and said "because I'm in charge." She looked up at me and said, "How did you get in charge?" Very good question, my dear girlie girl! Last week I bought a toy organizer from a fellow MoM (mom of multiples) and we had to pick it up on a street off Button Rd. I was explaining where we were going and that I needed to look for Button Rd. Nolan replied, "Well, Corduroy's button was on a mattress!" Nolan was playing behind the shed and I called him to come in the house. He stuck his head around the shed and yelled, "Did you call me, Mom?" Reagan was watching me cut coupons and file them. She sat down at the table with me and dumped her night time snack, a couple of different little cookies, on the table and started separating them. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I'm organizing my cooks." Once in a great while, one of the kids will not want to go to bed when it is time and there is a little whining once the lights are night. On this particular night, Reagan was whining and Nolan told her (in a very compassionate voice), "Don't whine. I'm here." Last week Nolan's crib was close to the wall and naptime became a disco with the light switch going on and off. They got a good talking to about it and they said they wouldn't do it again. This morning I heard Reagan over the monitor tell Nolan to "turn the light on." He answered, "No! only Mom turns the light on!" When discussing days of the week and what month it was. Mommy: "It's November." Nolan: "It is not. It is YESvember!" Reagan and Nolan both love the fish tank at a local family style restaurant. There is a clown fish (Nemo) in the tank. Reagan insists that "he has bandages on him!" We were discussing what baby animals are called as we watched a show with animals. We were talking about piglets when some ducklings walked into the picture, Nolan exclaimed, "Aww...look at the ducklets!" Reagan was "helping" me file my coupons when one of them ripped. I told her it was hard to use them once they ripped and we had to be careful. She told me I could "just sew it back together." And finally, a moment that just melted my heart. Reagan fell pretty hard in the driveway and was crying. She was wearing a lei and holding chalk when she fell and both of those went flying. As I picked her up to check out her skinned knee, Nolan picked up all her stuff and was rubbing her leg as I held her. After she got cleaned up and bandaged, we came back out to play and Nolan went over and held the door open on her Cozy Coupe car for her.

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