Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today makes us reflect on all we are thankful for.
My list is long. They are, of course, at the top. 2008
I met one of Bill's old friends last night, from way back in his Utopia days. The subject of how the twinadoes came to be came up. He and his wife had the same struggles we did. They went to the same doctor we did. Anyone that has gone down the infertility road understands the rollercoaster of emotions it involves, you don't need to speak, it is just something you understand. We talked about our doctor, Ricardo Loret de Mola, and what an amazing, fabulous, wonderful, caring man he is. I wrote this blog in March 2006 about him. Last night was a great reminder of how thankful I am that he was in our life. He is a humble man who has no idea how he has impacted so many lives. Reminiscing last night brought a tear to my eye. I can still hear his voice calling with the pregnancy test results, "Well, you did it" he said. "No", I said. "You did." Dr. Loret de Mola, I hope you are enjoying your day. Because of you, I rediscovered the magic of Santa's arrival at the Macy's parade today. I held my kids close and heard their intake of breath as the big guy made his way onto the screen. Without you, I wouldn't have made that memory. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

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