Friday, March 5, 2010

The Things They Say

I haven't done a post like this in a while. As a matter of fact, I found one in my drafts on this blog that goes way back. I'll have to look at it and refresh my memory. For now, I've gathered my scrapes of paper and will do a new post!

Reagan and Nolan make me laugh on a daily, no make that hourly basis. They have such vocabularies and Nolan, especially, has a very dramatic delivery. He likes to make me laugh and is a joker. Reagan is into being "right" and will correct you if she thinks you are wrong. Funny thing is, she is right 9/10 times! She retains information so well.

While getting stuck by a train, Nolan noticed all the graffiti on the cars. "It's the ABCD train car!"

Nolan's canteen lid came off and I fixed it for him. " There, good as new, Mom."

While looking at the San Diego Zoo Book, Aunt Deb pointed out a "snake." Reagan corrected her, "No, Aunt Deb. That's an emerald tree boa."

After I finished vacuuming, Nolan exclaimed, "You did a great job!"

Nolan while playing: "I'm going on an adventure." Me: "Where are you going?" Nolan: To the airport. I think. I'm going to see fireworks."

Nolan is big into smelling everything I cook. He always smells it and whispers, "that smells delicious."

Nolan had some pretzels in the car and he broke on of them to save "to share with his best friends." I asked him who that was and he answered, "Daddy, Aunt Deb, and Gram."

Someone almost pulled out in front of us and Bill honked the horn. Nolan yelled, "That was good honking, Daddy!"

My Mom is trying to teach the kids a few words in Polish. She has been working on "eggs." She asked them the other day to "say eggs in Polish." They both answered in unison, "eggs in Polish!"

We were reading a Dora book and I asked Nolan a question about where something was. He responded, "I don't know. I'm not the map!"

I am so blessed that I have such communicative children. They both started speaking early and haven't looked back since!

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