Thursday, January 21, 2010

Homemaker So, I hooked up with a survey website that pays you to speak your mind. Nice, right? Good to keep my mind active with things other than Yo Gabba Gabba. I've taken a few surveys and one of the first qualifying questions is always about "employment." Homemaker is the option I have to pick.
Tonight I really thought about the word "homemaker" and how dated it is. Have we not evolved as a society that there is no other term for what I do day in and day out? Every other job has some fancy title that some HR guru made up for them. I want one too! Also, every woman I know that works at a paying job outside the house is a homemaker too, so what box does she check? From now on, I'm going to check "other" and when the write-in box pops up, here is what I'm going to write:
mommy, cook, chauffeur, maid, laundress, window washer, nurse, butt wiper, gardner, personal shopper, wife, gift wrapper, card writer, party planner, photographer, canner, travel agent, coupon clipper, playdate coordinator, blogger.

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Ashley Langtry said...

ooh ooh, dont forget entertainer! i bet you never thought you would be an entertainer!