Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kalahari Fun

This was the twinadoes 3rd trip to Kalahari and probably their best one yet.

They were more willing to venture into the wave pool and it was a crowd pleaser. However, being battered around in those waves takes a lot out of a person, especially ones so low to the ground. I have never seen Reagan and Nolan more tired and ready to leave Kalahari as early as we did. They had a blast with Grammy and Aunt Deb and it was fun to have them see how much the kids enjoy this. It's safe to say the adults all had a good time as well.

The best quote of the trip was Reagan telling Aunt Deb that I was "at the swim-up salad bar!" Too bad I wasn't really at the swim bar, I was at our backpacks getting the kids a snack!

hanging in the "bubble tub", catching snowflakes on our tongues.
luggage cart ride. Reagan deserved it. She unloaded ALL our luggage on her own. She is very strong, you know?!
I promised Aunt Deb & Grammy there would be no bathing suit shots. This isn't *really* a bathing suit shot is it? It was too good not to post.

I've got the packing down to a science now, but one detail I neglected to address...I wore crocs (and not the warm fuzzy mammoth ones either). I figured going from my attached garage to the front door of Kalahari was no big deal. What was a big deal, was that it snowed the night we spent at Kalahari. No. Snow isn't the right word, it was a freakin' blizzard. I had to walk (a fair distance) to get the car to bring it around to load and then repark while we played in the water park after checking out of the hotel. You guessed it, after the waterpark, I had to walk back out and collect the car.

I'm not gonna lie. It sucked. BIG TIME.

My feet have never been so cold and I've never cursed my crocs so much. The whole time I was shivering and sliding walking over the wooden plank bridge to the parking lot, I kept repeating my kids names, just reminding me of why I was doing what I was doing.

They are my everything and I'd walk to the end of the the my crocs for them.

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