Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nolan's Pickup The other night the Y gym & swim classes were cancelled due to the weather. The kids were so geared up to go that we decided to venture out in the snow and go swimming anyway. Whenever we have swim class, Reagan goes into the girls family locker room with me and Nolan with Bill to the boys room. For the past 3 classes she has been asking to go with Bill so we decided to do it this time figuring it wouldn't be too crowded (it was). As I'm getting Nolan's swim trunks on he smiles at the lady across the aisle from us. He says "Hi. I'm Nolan. I'm going swimming." They proceded to have a whole conversation. He was smiling and being charming. He asked her if she knew where Reagan was. He told her Reagan was his sister. She asked if Reagan was older and said "yep, one minute! We're twins." She asked me how old he was because she said he looked pretty small to have the vocabulary he does. When we were ready to go he bid her a good night with a big grin. She laughed and told him what a sweetheart he is. My boy. The lady killer.

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