Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 08 - A Picture that makes you Laugh

It makes me laugh and I'm sure it will make you laugh, too. This past summer, Jan and I headed to Mexico for a few nights. We pretty much spent the trip at the swim-up bar being fed pina colada's all day by our Papi, or in a taxi cab (with pina coladas) going into town to do some (drunk) shopping.

One (well, actually two) such trips were in the pursuit of mexican wrestling masks for our husbands. We were in fact, called "the best wives ever" by two guys at the sports bar who had mask-envy.

Saturday night at the resort was mexican fiesta night. There was a mariachi band, a guy hand-rolling cigars, dancers, and a bull. On the way into the buffet, Jan and I saw the bull.

He seemed to be taunting us.

We decided we would take him on as members of the "Lucha libre"

Hey, if you are going to ride the bull you might as well do it in (some sort of) style!