Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 10 - A Picture of your Closet

I'm allowing myself one pass in this 30 days of pictures. This is it. My closet is a mess. I can't reach to put things away properly, so shoes are out of the shoe caddy, the pile of tank tops is not neat and tidy, and there is a pile of PJ's just waiting for me to lift them onto the shelf.

I will say this; it is a very nice large closet with sliding doors and it is all mine because the people that built this house put two huge closets in the two larger bedrooms. Works out great for our room and the kids room.

This was taken when a crew of friends descended on our house to paint every surface, rip up every room full of carpet, gut a kitchen and bath, and many other projects. All in 2 weeks. In everyone's "spare" time. My closet is the one on the left that you can barely see, but you get the idea.

So glad that baby shit rug is history.

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