Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Blog Catch-Up - Damn You Facebook

When last we caught up with the Pchak kids they were yelling "mush" at Daddy as he pulled them around in the snow. Since then we've been swimming, to the Cleveland Clinic X 2, Momocho, music class, shopping, waterpainted, and to see Nolan's girl at ourfave local (less than .5 mile) restaurant. Nolan's yearly check-up for his cranial surgery went well. The doctor gave himself a 10/10 on the surgery. We agree. They took pictures of Nolan's head to compare to last year. I'd like to see them...or maybe not. Waiting patiently for the doc. Whenever Nolan sees a pee-yo (pillow) he must take a "snooze."
January 2008-M0mocho....just looking
January 2009 Momocho.....digging right in
Reagan was eating the 'mole with a spoon!
It's also been REALLY REALLY REALLY cold.
Reagan January 2008 2009 Giving me lip because I wouldn't open the gate that second!
Nolan 2008 Nolan 2009
I am blown away daily by the things Reagan remembers and says. Today at lunch Daddy made the kids hats out of their placemats and Reagan started singing "Happy Birthday To Me." Hello, that was in May!!! She really has a great memory.

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