Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reagan Loves 'Mocho

One of my very favorite restaurants in Momocho. I craved it when I was pregnant. Ok, who am I kidding I crave it all the time! I make Chef Eric's guacamole often, especially the goat cheese/habenero one. We all LOVE it. The kids shout 'mole, 'mole and "dip, dip." After Nolan's yearly follow-up last week we headed (ever so slowly thanks to the snow and rush hour traffic) to Momocho. Here is a quick video of Reagan professing her love for 'Mocho, eating guacamole with a spoon, and trying to get Nolan to dance with her. She was very funny the whole night, she was flirty with the bartender, kept asking, Tom, our waiter for more (through sign language since her mouth was too full to speak) 'mole, and chair danced the night away. Good times. Nolan scarfed up the 'mole as well as some queso fundido. He also ate the better part of a crab cake taquito. Check out Reagan's antics:

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