Friday, January 9, 2009

My Intelligent Offspring

Reagan and Nolan have hit new levels of intelligence lately.
They are stringing words together left and right, singing new songs after only hearing them once--see video of Reagan singing Oh My Darlin', counting, ABC's, stating what they want and need ("need that!", as Nolan says about his paci) and with that what they don't want too, they are learning manners -Nolan is quicker with these, but Reagan has been catching on. The politeness, or pee-ite as Reagan says, makes me very happy. Nolan always says Thank You Buddy (just repeating what we say to him) Welcome, Good Morning (even after afternoon naps), and his new favorite, "Hi there, how you? I fine."
I once told Reagan she could pick a Backyardigan video to watch as "the feature" before nap time. She now stands at the TV and says "feeture, feeture, feeture! She has an awesome, awesome memory. She also asks for each episode by name.
The icing on the cake this week was when Nolan and I were watching TV while laying on the "pignic" blanket on the floor and he leaned into me and said "Love you." Melt.My.Heart.
Here is Reagan sharing her milk with Jeepster this morning.
Nolan playing in the box their kitchen came in.....sometimes this is a better toy than the actual thing inside.
Reagan singing "Oh My Darlin' Clementine"

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