Sunday, May 10, 2009

730 Two years ago, at 1:05pm & 1:06pm, two wonderful people came into this world. They were hardly bigger than a sack of sugar, one a 6lbs and the other 5lbs, 6ozs. They were the stars of the nursery, and more importantly the best thing that could ever happen to me.
We named them Reagan Bryn and Nolan George and we quickly became the Pchak4. It was like they were with us all along. Two years ago, on Mother's Day, I got to bring home those shining stars. A better gift one could not receive. The emerald earrings they got me were a nice touch though ;-)
A lot has changed in two years. I so miss those tiny little fingers griping mine so tight. I never thought I'd be so blessed to hold two at the same time, and now I can't imagine life without either. They have grown and are becoming independent, but every so often need to run back to Momma for a cuddle. I cherish every one of those cuddles. I've wanted to let them grow at their own pace and have quickly found that to be an astonishing rate. At two, they know their A.B.C's, can count to 14, know their address-city, state and zip (well sort of--the zip is always 99), know all the words to "Now I Lay Me Sleep", and sing songs ALL THE TIME. Twinkle, Twinkle, Mary Had A Little Lamb, theme songs from favorite cartoons, Old McDonald, Wheels on the Bus, 5 Little Pumpkins, My Little Puppy (the last two are songs that I learned in 1st grade and my mom taught them those.)When we drive somewhere they tell me what is coming up and they have favorite things to go past....the "dolphin" building on the Shoreway for example. They have adventure routes they go on with Grammy and find all sorts of new things each time. Reagan and Nolan are welcomed into some of the cities finest restaurants and have been complimented on their behavior at almost every meal we have eaten out. They have eaten food cooked by an Iron Chef and several James Beard winners! While they both enjoy new experiences, Nolan is a little more open to trying new foods (boar at Momocho last week) and getting up close with animals. So thank you, Reagan and Nolan for the craziest, most emotional, heartfelt, full of love 730 days I could ever have imagined. When I put you to sleep at night, I am already looking forward to the next morning when I open your door and you both yell, "Good Morning, Sunshines!"

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