Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hard Day Of Play I love my kids lives. Seriously. They have it made. They wake up. They are diapered, fed, dressed, and ready to roll by 9am. There is always something fun on their agenda. Today we had errands. Boring stuff, but the highlight was vacuuming the car at the car wash. We don't go through the car wash, as Reagan has a fear of it at the moment. After that we went to the park where they tackled all sorts of new things. Nolan named the rock wall the "speed bump slide."
They both tried to climb this wobbly ladder and Nolan finally succeeded. Reagan would get to the top, but just couldn't figure out how to pull herself up from that big of a distance (Nolan found a spot to wedge his foot, so he made another step for himself.) Reagan was so funny, the whole time she was trying to pull herself up, she was mumbling, "I think I can, I think I can." Priceless.
Just a few weeks ago, they could not get on the bouncy frog & horse. Today, I turned around and there they were, riding away. One less thing they need Mommy for. Nolan thought it was a riot to stick his head through the bars before going down the slide and he wanted me to kiss him. He would giggle and pull his head away, until I finally landed one on those apple cheeks of his. The taste of his dirty, sweaty, skin was sweeter than lemonade. He is so completely edible! After the park, we picked up a pizza and ate in the car while watching the lake, using their frisbees as plate. Just call me Mommy McGuyver. After dinner we headed outside for more playing. Completely.Dirty.Playing.
What a life!!!!! I'm so glad I can give it to them.


Gibson Twins said...

Seriously, what lives our kids have, huh? My kids get up, don't get dressed, have some chocolate milk, watch tv, then we go about our day.

I love the creativity to use frisbees as plates! That's awesome. I never let mine eat in the car- I've got to be REALLY desperate since they would make a horrible mess and at that they'd get fries maybe.

Love the pics of them at the park!!

HEART said...

Love the pics. Just wonderful!
There is a park here in Mansfield with a hole filled base like that one in your pics and my son would stick his fingers in the litte holes and pull himself up Until one day his finger got caught and he screamed and cried IT BITED ME!!! I felt so bad I couldn't stop laughing!

Hugs Heart