Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Five Days of Fun/Grandpa Update

www.nolanpchak.blogspot.com We've done a lot since Thursday. Metropark story time about worms, Great Wolf Lodge, Fatheads, Day Drinking for Mommy, Cook-out, parade, and garden shopping. I managed to stay mainly unplugged from my laptop and it was NICE. Even nicer was that Bill tried to do the same. Something we need to make an effort at each night and weekend. The kids got some good play time with their Dad. I've got tons of pics to go through, but will get to them tonight. I wish I could say I had a good update on my Grandpa, but I don't. Things were looking good on Thursday & Friday. He got a feeding tube inserted on Thursday and when I saw him Friday he said he was actually feeling better. He was telling me how when he was a kid they were poor and his mom died very young and he was often hungry. He said that is how he has felt much of the past couple of years as he has been suffering with this condition. He was lucid, coherent, and was going to be moved to the rehab for a few weeks until he could get stronger for surgery. His mind was (and has been) sharp as a tack. Then the wheels fell off the wagon. He started hallucinating on Friday night, had to be restrained, and has not really snapped out of it since. He told everyone he was kidnapped by 4 guys and was being held in the basement of the Justice Center (he is retired CPD, so he knows the Justice Center.) He told my mom to sell his house for $7, so he could buy a plane ticket and move to Texas. In the last 24 hours, he has calmed down and is mainly sleeping. We were hoping it was adverse effects from the meds used during surgery, but those should be out of his system by now. I did a little research today to see if the feeding tube and hallucinations go hand in hand. They don't seem to. It seems more that these are the final steps on this part of his life's journey. I'm trying to ease my mom into that since earlier in the week things were hopeful that could have this surgery and be comfortable for some more time.

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