Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lolita Poster Child
We braved this..... so we could enjoy this..... The radar shows what?!?!?!?
Our friend, Chef Matt, will be leaving Lolita to take on the new Bar Symon opening in Avon Lake at the end of June. While I'm sure things at Lolita are going to remain awesome and we'll make a pilgrimage to the new place, we will miss getting to see Chaty on a regular basis. You see, Avon Lake is a bit of a longer drive than Tremont is for us, by about 40 minutes! Not exactly an easy meal to plan with the kids. We had all our faves....pizzas, ricotta dip, fried brussels sprouts, creamy polenta, dates, and pot de creme. After unbuttoning our pants, it was off into the sunset torrential downpour for us.


Ashley Langtry said...

I really love them holding hands in the back seat.

Ed and Eleanor said...

Those are geat shots of Reagan and Nolan.