Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catching Up As usual, life has been busy. I am, however, over my rant about baggy pants. I'm also down today since Grandpa's pneumonia is kicking his butt and when I talked to my mom she sounded so sad. I know he has lived a long life and his time is just about up, but I hate to see my mom have to go through losing her Dad. Been there, done that, don't want the t-shirt. catch up..... I got the gardens planted over the weekend and then the skies opened up and have drowned them for the past few days. Let's hope they survive. I'm sure the cilantro will go straight to seed since it doesn't like wet feet. The kids helped out by doing some yard work. We went to a birthday party and had fun riding the rails on Sunday.
Reagan got her first flower from a boy, Chase Thompkins. Maybe someday Ed and Bill will be related after all!
Enjoying some cupcakes.
Monday we visited with Papa. The kids don't understand, but they have been asking to see him so I took them. He is not doing well. His pneumonia is raging again and he has a high temperature, but is shivering. It was the same time of year, 20 years ago, that I lost my beloved Granny Pike. I can remember coming home from school and my mom was ironing our clothes to wear to the funeral and I knew she was gone. I watched the neighborhood kids get off the bus today and remembered those last few days of my sophmore year in high school and how miserable they were. Tuesday we met up with friends at the zoo. As always, the zoo is a fun time. It was so crowded with field trips though.
Wednesday we had a fun day with Aunt Deb at Chick-A-Yeah and the kids got some cool gifts from her recent vacation. They love their Aunt Deb, although they missed Uncle Sam. That catches us up to now. We've got a trip to Pittsburgh coming up soon so that will be an adventure.

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