Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear Pittsburgh Dear Pittsburgh, We came. We saw. We had a blast. Your zoo rocks. Your children's museum is hella cool. You actually utilize your riverfront with nice walkways and fountains. Your downtown is alive and bustling at 9am on a SATURDAY. We walked to Market Square and had a nice al fresco breakfast while enjoying watching people biking, walking, and working in the city. It was also a weird feeling to be in a city on the night their sports teams WON a championship (Go Pens!) People cheering in the streets and horns honking. Pretty cool feeling, even if you have no attachment to the team. We'll probably never feel that for any of our home teams. The only thing we have you beat on is the food. Hands down, Cleveland's restaurants are a step above. Get an Iron Chef and we'll talk. XXOO, The Pchak4 pictures coming soon

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Chuck Rupprecht said...

Shel, I was born in Pittsburgh and LOVE going back for the reasons you stated. I was there the night the Stillers won the Super Bowl. Cleveland deserves a night like that. And you're right on about the food. Also driving here is WAY easier than there.