Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Touch A Truck Since we are valued customers of Chik-A-Yeah, (the kids like the indoor playground and for fast food, it is not too horrible) we knew about the customer appreciation deals going on this week. One being touch-a-truck. There was lots of touching going on. Minds out of gutter, please. Although I have decided that touch-a-truck events are just as much for Mommy as they are for the kids. Hello, cute firemen! Reagan and Aunt Deb seeing if Reagan was as tall as the tire. The kid is part monkey. He climbs on everything. Flirty McFlirt making goo-goo eyes at the cute fireman, while Nolan dismantles the truck.
"Hello, Daddy?"
Cute Hood Ornaments
Nolan doing his Kramer impression.
Good heavens, she looks so big in this picture.
"It don't work!"
"A Flashlight!"

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DianeS said...

Completely adorable and priceless.