Thursday, June 18, 2009

Did You Go To Memphis?
Yes. Today we did. Memphis Kiddie Park,that is. It might have been a grey overcast day, but there was no stopping the twinadoes fun times. I think Grammy was the most excited when we first got there. If I hadn't held her back she might have knocked a few kids down to get in line for the rides! LOL She said she remembers being there as a kid and riding the train with her Dad. How awesome that today three generations got to ride that same train together? Reagan and Nolan really haven't been on carnival type rides yet, other than the carousel at Pittsburgh Zoo last week, so I was really surprised that they seemed to have no qualms about hopping on any of the rides. Nolan will definitely think twice about the roller coaster again though! I can't help but truly laugh out loud whenever I see this pic. While not necessary a cheap day out, it was still tons of fun. (A book of tickets is $24.50, plus another strip for $13.50, plus food. I did pack snacks in the car, but you can't take them inside. We could have gone to the car to eat, but explain that to a 2 year old....yes, honey we are leaving, but we are just going to sit in the car and eat. Yeah, right!) Guess I will take some of that change sitting in my vacation fund jar and put it towards a few trips to MKP this summer. The price is well worth the smiles and since I don't see a vacation in my future I might as well put the money to good use. This super fun day was capped off with dinner at Momocho, Nolan requested it at breakfast yesterday morning and that is one request I am always happy to oblige.

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Dave said...

Looks like a fun day. Too bad you just missed Derek Anderson Day at Memphis Kiddie Park: