Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reagan, Nolan, Grammy, Aunt Deb, Shawn (our neighbor), and I headed up to the car cruise event in Downtown Willoughby. The kids enjoyed the music. Nolan asked Aunt Deb to dance several times, even to Aunt Deb & Uncle Sam's song.
It started to rain, so we headed home. Of course, we had to take the exploring route home. It was most eventful. We came upon a bunch of deer playing "deep in the woods."
This morning the kids, my mom, and I paid a visit to Papa. He was in the physical therapy room getting stretched out as his hamstrings and knees are very tight and he can't stand or walk. It was a nice visit since the kids go to be active and practice their stair-climbing on the PT steps. This past week my mom taught them The Pledge of Allegiance and the refrain from The Battle Hymn of the Republic, so they said it for Papa. He actually joined them in singing "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah." It brought a tear to my eye.
As we were leaving the nursing home, we all said goodbye to the nun who was working at the front desk (it is a catholic diocese run facility), as Nolan was getting buckled into his car seat, he yelled, "Goodbye Mister Sister!" Thanks for the laugh, buddy!

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