Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Big Surprise

We surprised the twinadoes with a trip to Kalahari. Not just any old trip with Mommy and Daddy either. Aunt Deb, Uncle Sam, Aunt Jan, and Uncle John joined us for the surprise as well.

All the kids, all 8 of us that is, had a great time. My body is still bobbing like I'm in the wave pool. Could be due to the fact that I've got water stuck in my ear, but so be it! It was a good time.

The day started with a stop at Fatheads for lunch. Uncle Sam & Aunt Deb showed up and Reagan was very surprised and happy to see them.
Nolan got in a little brewing with Mr. Matt.

Then it was off to the big "K." They figured it out when we got off the freeway, because they recogonize the hotel with the water slide at that exit. They both yelled, "Kalahari!"

They were excited to show Sam and Deb around and do all their favorite things. John and Jan showed up just in time for dinner and then we did it all over again!

Relaxing before dinner. All the boys have their & a paci.

End of Day 1. They were so done.
The only photo of the whole gang (minus me!)
 I think we've found the magic combo of 6 adults on the twinadoes. I actually got to bob around in the wave pool and ride the lazy river without worrying about who I had my eyes on for a few minutes. Nolan was off with Uncle John in the "bubble tub" and Reagan was with Aunt Jan and Aunt Deb way ahead of me in the river.
Running out of steam on day 2. Reagan was pooped.
Needing some lovin' from Aunts Deb & Jan.

I also came to the conculsion that, even though I totally knew my kids were in safe hands, I can't fully relax anymore. I'm so used to being rushed to get kids ready to do this or that, make meals, or just keep my eyes on them when we are out that, even when I could have just sat in an inner tube on the lazy river, I was kicking and paddling like I was on the Gauley River.

Guess that is how life is these days; stretches of calm with class 5 rapids just around the next bend.

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