Sunday, April 11, 2010


Some things go away in an instant.

This weekend, two places that were near and dear to me, ceased to exist.


Saying goodbye to Michelle, Neil, and Helaine at Beanie's was tough. For me, it means I have no place to celebrate my Dad's life that was near and dear to us anymore. That was the one place we made lots of good memories in together. A place I could go and remember my Dad the way he should be remembered; smiling and relaxing. Having a few beers, some chili, and a cigar. Singing along to George Thorgood or John Mellencamp (when he was John Cougar!)

I was lucky to have friends and family join me for a few toasts, one last burger, and a whole lot of laughs. Kathy, Joanne, Cindy, Terri & crew, Bill, Mom, and Connie all raised a glass with me. Some people were there in spirit (Carrie, thanks for the text message) and others raised a glass from 1,025 miles away (UB & AC.)

After everyone left, I stayed for (what was supposed to be) one more, but when that one was done I just couldn't get up and go. I knew that when I did finally get up, that was it.  It was hard. There were tears and promises to keep in touch. I stood outside and looked at the spot my Dad parked in every week. I looked at the place my mom, Uncle Bob, Grandpa and I stood on the 1 year anniversary of his passing, and I looked at the sidewalk my kids had walked up in January to commerate my Dad's birthday with Beanie burgers and fries.

I'm lucky to have those memories, but now that the tangible place to live all of them is gone, I feel like I've lost that final piece of my Dad that I was holding so tightly.

The other place that is no more is Texas Stadium.

While not as emotionally wretching for me, it still marks the end of some very, very, (nose touch-sorry inside joke) fun times.

When my Uncle moved to Dallas many years ago, I visited him a lot. I even considered moving there. We had a lot of fun back in the day. I got to go a lot of places and see a lot of things that you don't get on the nickel tour of Texas Stadium since he works for the Cowboys. Not too many people can say they've had a champagne toast on the 50 yard line of Texas Stadium at midnight, just sitting on the star looking up through the hole in the roof of the stadium, but I can. I've seen that stadium from stem to stern and then some.

Sunday morning 1 ton of explosives leveled the building in less than 60 seconds.

Another piece of my past is total history.

Good times with good people, that is what I have in my heart and my head.

Cherish your loves, makes memories. They are the one thing you keep forever.

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