Friday, April 23, 2010

My Friday

My favorite picture of the moment. Bill doesn't get why I like it and I can't put my finger on it. It just speaks to me.

I spent an hour at the Botanical Gardens this morning. A nice break from the chaos  potty training. (btw Nolan is starting to rebel a bit, so we are backing off and letting him lead. Really the hardest part of parenting so far!)

As I was walking through the gardens, I was again thinking about how, even when I am all alone with just my thoughts to worry about, I still can't relax and just s-l-o-w down. I was walking through the gardens like I was training for the Johnnycake Jog. I just can't shift gears from Mommy herding twinadoes to being alone. I'd take a picture and quick move on to the next garden. Why can't I just sit down and listen to the birds sing for a minute?

On a totally different subject, I stopped at the Big Bird (Giant Eagle)  and scored cheap cereal. Really cheap cereal. Like 25 cents a box for Honey Bunches of Oats & 1.50/box for Kashi that normally costs 3.39/box.  Also enjoyed the cheap Reynolds Wrap (1.00 for 60 ft.) because, really, there is no substitute for good foil.

Nothing like some good deals to get my blood flowing. I know, it is a sickness. But, my bill started off being $54 and ended at $28.

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DianeS said...

Who doesn't love a good deal?!?!?

I'm lucky that I have a few places in the world that calm me down.

A bookstore usually works well for me. I can wonder for a while and forget about the world outside.

When I drive up the stone driveway to the farm where we have or CSA I can literally feel the tension melting away.

There is a sculpture garden that I love at a museum about 30 minutes from where my sister lives. I visit that sculpture garden at least once every visit. It is one of my favorite places on earth. It is my "go to" place when I need to think of something nice in the dentist's chair or at the doctor's office or when there is some other such turmoil.

My last place of peace is the home of an Amish woman I became friends with last year. Much like pulling up the drive to the farm, going to her house brings me instant peace and calm. I leave my purse and cell phone in the car and don't even think about the outside world when I'm at her house. Yesterday three of her youngest kids read to me from there primers for a half hour and it was really special.

I am immensely appreciative of having those places that bring me peace and calm.