Friday, April 16, 2010

Twinado Talk

Out of the mouths of the Twinadoes.....

Convo with Reagan about the REALLY big bees hanging around one of our bushes:
Reagan: Shoo bees, it's not bee season yet.
Mommy: Yes, it is. Bees do good things.
Reagan: They do bad things too!
Mommy: Like what?
Reagan: They "stum" us.

Grammy was talking about summer and lighting bugs and how they can run and catch them this year.
Nolan: "I want to catch Chick Hicks bugs" (You have to be a fan of the movie, Cars, to get that one.)

Nolan & Reagan: "I need my Perrier's!" Aunt Jan & Uncle John always bring them bubbly water.

Our ottoman is old and has a rip. Normally there is a blanket over it, but it was in the wash. Reagan found the tear and started pulling out the stuffing while I was in the bathroom. When I came around the corner and saw fluff all over, I asked what was going on. Her response: "We are making cotton candy!"

Reagan was playing emergency with their fire station that has a CB-like radio on it. She was calling the engine and she said, "Come in Old Hickory!" (that was my Dad's CB handle. My mom had been telling them about it earlier in the week.)

On the day we were taking the kids to Kalahari for their big surprise, Nolan was sitting on the kitchen counter and he grabbed my face and said, "Thanks for taking me, mom!" He didn't even know where he was going! So sweet.

We were at the Metroparks for a storytime and a little girl and her Grandpa walked in. Nolan walked over and said, "Good morning you two. How are you today?"

Nolan on the lack of work being done at the construction site, "Since it is raining the workers are not doing foundations."

Reagan: this triangle is shaped like pizza.

Nolan: Where's mailman Tom?
Mommy: At home having dinner with his family/
Nolan: Yeah, with mailman Mommy.

Nolan on a morning with a heavy frost: "The frosting is coming off the ground."
Mailman Tom brought a package to our door and he asked the kids if the Easter Bunny was going to visit them. Nolan answered, "No, he is at the mall."

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