Monday, April 5, 2010


How can I be so sad because a bar is closing?

I was driving down Vine St. today and saw a sign on Beanie's Lounge. CLOSING SOON.

My heart sank. Literally. I felt it drop a little.

My Dad was a simple, humble man. He worked hard, standing in a machine shop all day. His one great pleasure in life was going to Beanie's on Saturday after work to have a bowl of chili, a cigar, and a face full of beers.

He'd sit in the same spot every week. We all knew where to find him and lots of times some of us would join him.

This summer it will be ten years (wow, I can't believe I just typed that) that the greatest man I've ever known left this earth. Each August I stop into Beanie's for a drink. That first year I tried to go visit him at the cemetery, I even took him a beer, but it just didn't work for me. He wasn't there. I'd never shared any good times with him there. The only memories there are sad ones and I just couldn't stand being sad when I thought about him. I wanted to think about the good times, so on the way home from the cemetery Bill drove me to Beanie's. That is where I've gone ever since. That's where the happy times where. I can look at his favorite barstool and picture him sitting there.

The thought that the little piece of my Dad that I have left is going to be gone (and all because a Walgreens is moving in and taking over the whole corner) makes me so sad.

I guess my plan will be to spend a little time there this Saturday. If they are still open.

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