Friday, October 24, 2008

Haunted (and Soggy) Hayride

We caught the only 30 minute break in the rain Friday night, and got our ride through the Metroparks Haunted Hayride in.....much to Nolan's chagrin. He was not impressed with the ride and about half-way through left Bill's arms for mine. He buried his head in my chest and started to doze off. I'm not sure if he was scared, tired, bored or a combo of all three, but he was happy in my arms and that was all that mattered. When we arrived, Reagan was excited for all the music and happenings around her. She is doing the sign language for more (well, her version of mo, mo, mo as she yells.) Also was reminded how hard it is going to be to keep mittens on this finger-sucking girl. Guess we'll have to pull out Mommy's hot pink fingerless gloves from the 80's, a la Madonna.
Nolan was cold, wanted his mittens, on and I think he really didn't care about the whole event! Not into crowds, just like his Grandpa was. See Reagan in the back clapping along to the Chicken Dance :)
In line and ready to ride!
Nolan and Daddy sitting on the hay wagon.
1st stop of the night.....the joker, from Batman's, lair.
Reagan loved it. She was doing her mad scientist laugh and making the people in front of us laugh at her. When the ghosts would scream and yell, she would yell right back. It was too funny. For a few days, about a month ago, she seemed afraid of the dark and I was worried that this ride (even though we went at 6:30 and it was just twilight) would really scare her. Not a chance.
Looking back at a huge inflatable spider that made her whole crazy laughing start!
Nolan's expression for most of the night
I'm sure we will try again next year to see if Nolan's opinions changes, but this might become a Daddy and Reagan date night for years to come!

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