Wednesday, October 22, 2008

They're Not Hibernating Just Yet

I was reminded today about how amusing my posts about the Hillbilly Bears were. (Thanks Matt!) I sadly must say the tale of the bears has not come to the happy ending we all had hoped for. When last we left the scene, the bears appeared to have been done with the siding and left with promises of being back the following week to fix the area in the garage where the roof had leaked. It was promised to be a quick job that would unfold over the course of 3-4 trips. Pretty much allowing time for things to dry in between. Yeah, that was July. I let sleeping bears sleep for the rest of the summer, but fall has quickly approached and we need to get the garage in order. A few calls were made to the head bear. More promises, but no bears in sight. Finally two weeks ago foreman bear and a cohort showed up, worked for about 40 minutes and then left, never to be seen again. A couple of Saturdays ago we were in the backyard and I noticed a piece of the siding hanging precariously off the top of the house. It fell off that night. It scared poor Chandler cat out of his skin. At age 14 (well, will be in 5 days) he doesn't need that much excitement. Bill called head bear, who, when told where the piece had fallen off, acted like he knew that was going to be a problem! He said he would send foreman bear out to glue all the pieces on that were at the top of the house. You guessed it, two weeks have gone by and still no bears. I had my panties in a snit yesterday (I do my best phone calls when I'm in a mood) so I called head bear. He sputtered and stammered something about going to find foremen bear and sending him right over. Over 24 hours later and still not a bear in sight. I do see the bear-mobile at a dive bar a few miles down the road. For those in the neighborhood, it is Sugar's Last Stand. I have visions of going in and asking foreman bear if he has any intention of every fixing what he started at our house. I'm afraid it would be my last stand!

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