Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkins, Great Big Ones!

We loaded up the van and headed to Huntsburg for the annual Pumpkin Fest. It was cute and I was reminded of the movie Groundhogs Day. It was in the town square and I'm sure it is exactly the same every year. The first thing the kids wanted to do was climb on the playground equipment. It is the little things that make them happy! We saw some GIANT pumpkins. If the kids could have climbed on them, they would have been more impressed. The first place pumpkin weighed over 1,100 lbs. They did enjoy their balloons a lot.... ...but the best part was the pony ride. We "ponied" up $10 and let them go around in a circle 4 times on a pony. The first thing they both did when they got on their respective ponies was to pet them and say "soft." Bill or I didn't tell them to do that, I guess they are just trained from the cats. Reagan then greeted her pony, Madison, with a loud "Hi!" They both seemed to enjoy the ride and it was over much too soon for Nolan. He had his very first melt-down in public when it was time to get off. Huge round tears rolling down his face. I was sure they would both pass out on the ride home. I was only 1/2 right! It was a beautiful sunny day and it was nice to enjoy it through the eyes of the kids.

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