Monday, October 20, 2008

The (not so) Great Pumpkin

On Saturday we had breakfast with the Great Pumpkin at the Farmpark along with our friends, Lori, Matt, Sarah, & Matt Jr. If you ask Nolan, he could live without the Great Pumpkin. I can only imagine how he is going to feel about Santa Claus this year.
girls side of the table
Everyone enjoyed breakfast until the pumpkin came along. Reagan seemed to not care at all, she was more interested at stabbing (yes, she yelled STABBING as she poked at her food with her fork) fruit and Nolan couldn't get any closer to Bill to get away from her.
We took a wagon ride to the 'pumpkin patch' and picked our own pumpkins. Reagan and Sarah went off on their own little adventure. It just cracks me up how grown up Reagan acts.
Miss Independent insisted on carrying her own pumky. Reagan speak for Pumpkin. She likes to add an "e" to everything these days, just ask Nolee (Nolan.)
We checked out some animals and took pony rides.
Nolan walked right up to a sleeping sheep that was right on the edge of the pen and yelled SOFT and started petting it.
On the way home we saw some pretty sights

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