Saturday, October 4, 2008


I put on a pair of jeans I haven't worn since late Spring and in the pocket were 37 freshly laundered dollars. You know I couldn't leave them there for long, so Saturday I went to the kids nearly new sale and spent them (and a few more.) I always pick up things to round out the kids wardrobe's, some books, and sometimes toys. During the spring sale I look for bathing suits and now, in the fall it is boots and snow pants. I hit the jackpot with those this time. I am having so much fun listening to the new things Reagan and Nolan say everyday. We were reading a book this afternoon about a little girl with a stuffed "money" (that is monkey to you) and Nolan can really sing along to twinkle twinkle. It might not all be real words, but he has the tune down. My favorite thing to do is sing the line "like a diamond in the _____" He shouts SKY! He just about melts my heart everyday. Nolan was playing with my cousin Jim the other day and they were looking at boxes of Jell-o. (My aunt stocks up so there is a whole drawer of nothing but jell-o at her house!) Jim would hold the boxes up and tell Nolan what the flavor was, mainly lime. Then he would hold the box up and not say anything and Nolan would yell "LIME!" He was having a good time. Reagan's newest thing is to say "Hi." You answer with "hi" and she says "bye." Over.and over. Bill and I are actually going out to dinner tonight. Alone.I might get to eat my dinner and actually taste the food, instead of shoving bits in between taking care of kids! I'm sure the kids will have fun with Grammy and will be up way past bedtime, but that is what babysitter nights are for! Helping Mommy clean. Reading with Aunt Connie (or Cahkneeee as Nolan says) Enjoying some chocolate pudding

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