Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lots O'Leaves

We hit up another Toddlin' Towards Nature program at the Metropark on Tuesday. Different location posed a different set of challenges though. This whole program was outdoors so there were way too many distractions from the usual schoolhouse setting. The theme was "What Colors Will We Find?" and it was a beautiful day (probably our last of the really warm leftover summer days), so it was fun being outside. Our partner in crime was Grammy. She really had fun. I think she secretly misses working at the school.
Making shapes out of the clay (at least he didn't eat it this time!)
The girl has a promising future in slasher films
Reagan liked helping Mr. Tree shed his leaves Nolan had other things to do
Reagan & Nolan pretending to be trees, swaying in the breeze and losing their leaves
Hey, check out my new teeth :)
The leaves fell from the sky in a flurry

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