Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Road Trip

When Bill "won" a car on ebay last week, the idea for the babies first overnight roadtrip was born. Usually when he gets cars he flies to where they are and then drives back. Since this one was only about 2 hours away it was feasible for us to make a little vaca out of it. It has been years since I've been to Columbus and, to be honest, the previous trips revolved around drinking. Go figure. Needless to say, I don't remember much about Cbus, other than eating a burrito as big as my head somewhere on High St. The plans fell apart and we were much later in getting the car stuff done than was the plans. Seems the seller, that is days away from graduating dental school, didn't know how to work his voicemail on his cell phone and never got our messages saying we were leaving, we were 30 minutes away, and finally the one saying we were at the bank. Needless to say the rest of the afternoon was a huge f$*%ing mess and I was as cranky as the kids. We finally got things wrapped up it was pushing 7pm. All of the places we thought looked good were packed and it was well beyond the kids dinner time. There was no way I was taking them in a place where they would potentially cause a scene . If I didn't eat soon, I would be the one throwing myself on the floor of the restaurant. So we crossed the street, going towards the smell of garlic. We popped into a place called The East Village. There were a few other people inside and it was more bar than restaurant, but the bartender offered booster seats for the kids so we stayed. We finally got the kids situated and I looked up at a sign on the wall for an event at the place this weekend. It was produced by "Gender Bender Productions." We were in a gay bar and Reagan had the bartender/server wrapped around her finger. He was bringing her glasses filled with orange and lemon wedges and chit-chatting her up. She loved the attention. Mark another first off the babies list. Gay bar. Check. Nolan sharing a lemon wedge with Daddy.......and Barack. The food was not that great, but they had a huge video screen playing videos with heavy beats that keep the kids going.... for a few minutes. We packed up the rest of our meal to eat at the hotel and got out of dodge before they went over the edge. We stayed at the Hyatt at the Capitol (thank you hotwire!) and checking in was a breeze. As soon as the kids got to the room, the got a burst of energy and had to touch everything and explore every corner. They have never been in a hotel so it was all too much fun. In hindsight, we should have requested at least one crib (that was probably all that would have fit), but live and learn. Before we left I asked Bill to pack our playyard gate and I am so glad I did, otherwise the kids would never have gone to sleep. We put a mattress on the floor and gated it in to create a really big crib. I'm drinking milk in a closet....woohoo! Hello, room service? Wow, those cars are small! We all got in the "crib" and attempted to get at least two of the four of us to sleep. It took a while, but finally two of us were asleep. Reagan and Daddy were snoring so loud it was keeping Nolan and I awake. So much for Bill and I eating our dinner! I finally got Nolan asleep and I got up to take a hot shower and unwind. In the morning we headed to Einstein Bagels (the ones near our house have closed and I miss them) for breakfast. Got my pumpkin bagel and life was back on track. nolan says, "Eintine!" That's Einstein to you. We packed up and headed to COSI for science fun and the special Sesame Street exhibit that is there for the next couple of months. Perfect timing for my "Melmo" and "Cookie" loving kids. COSI is awesome and the pictures speak louder than words. The Sesame Street exhibit was about the human body and, while the content was over Reagan and Nolan's heads they enjoyed playing with all the interactive stuff and hanging out in "Elmo's World." There is an awesome play room for toddlers and we spent the remainder of our day there. How cool is that!!?? Nolan making friends with Dorothy, Elmo's fishy. There was a section on digestion that was particularly fascinating to Reagan. The poo part. After Sesame St, we went to the other large play area. Lots of cool stuff. Roadies with kids are a lot of work, but it was lots of fun too.

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