Saturday, November 1, 2008

It Was 20 Years Ago Today.....

Well, not really 20.
Just 5 :)
It was a day much like today. Beautiful skies, unseasonably warm.
Our family and friends gathered together to share our wedding day. One of them even got ordained so he could marry us. (I think he was more nervous than Bill or I!)
(Bill adds: Sam did a bang up job. This goes back to our college days, where we figured, if we owned a boat, we would be Captains, and be able to marry people for beer. Sam was able to find a "church" on line that was not whacky enough for him to end up on some "list", or one that was funneling money to Al Qaeda. Anyhoo, Sam is recognized by the State of Ohio to solemnize marriages, and now has a side gig).
It was a huge, fun party. Abby Normal played and Bill even did a cameo appearance with them.
The day was just as we wanted. We wrote our own vows, the ceremony was completely our own- we remembered those that have gone before us, we celebrated the fellowship of our friends with the sharing of bread and wine, and we quoted Ben Franklin. How much better could the day have been?
The cake rocked too......raspberry champagne cream center. (Bill adds: how cool is it that you can also have a minature 911 on your wedding cake?)
Happy Anniversary, Sweetie! Here's to at least 5 more ;-)
(Bill adds: right back at ya!)


Nancy Heller said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Bob and I just celebrated number 13 last week in NY - and it just keeps on getting better!

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary Shelly and Bill!

Anonymous said...

Hey you two..... Happy, Happy Anniversary! Here is to at least another 60 or 70 !!! Love ya,
Jan & John

Elsha said...

awwww love the pics! We need more!!!!